Does growing older worsen your ADHD?

One of the most effective ways to treat ADHD in college is to create accountability where you are reporting to someone else.

Yep, after being around here for awhile, I realized how key accountability can be. Things also got worse for me in college (didn't know about adhd at the time). And with a big move and new job recently, I had the same increase in the severity of my symptoms again. Actually worse with crazy anxiety and depression. Yes, I had less structure but I was kinda use to that. What I never considered was the bottomless sarlacc pit of suckiness that is adhd when I have no one keeping me accountable for anything. In fact, I was in the habit of avoiding authority because I hated the feeling of not being able to fend for myself and letting people down even when I care about them. Well, that avoidance showed up as lies, promises, and resolutions when things got bad. This is a deal breaker for most adult relationships; despite any good intentions. Plus I felt like a child that was in trouble which was defeating my intentions again. Quick tangent in case you didn't watch the Barkley vids, check this one out

It became very clear that when I'm the only one keeping tabs on my responsibilities, finances, goals, etc. things derail. Then the stress builds and more and more of my life falls into chaos. Even hanging out with friends, family, or a SO regularly will put a general schedule on your time (which is good for us). I sorted out a plan with my boss and am seeing improvement in actually finishing work on time. I also set weekly appointments with my counselor to track my progress. It's been necessary but enjoyable as well. With the meds and establishing new habits, my mood and stress have been relatively normal and I don't feel like a self centered jerk. I now have time to actually have a life. The procrastination and losing focus and forgetting things is up and down. I think those symptoms and building up new habits is going to be a slower journey. But everything is much more manageable and the getting help part was a big, well, help - imagine that.

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