Does Revenge Sex Help? (Repost)

No ma’am, you forget that it’s still cheating. What does this teach your daughter? That it’s okay to get even with someone and that you have a right to. That’s not the world we live in.

You’re doing exactly what cheaters do and that’s downplaying their actions. “Oh well he gave me STDs so me having sex with some guy from high school isn’t so bad. What my husband did was much worse.” That’s exactly how a cheater sounds.

And you say that you’re in a sexless marriage and you’re miserable. So why the hell would you stay? No wait, let me guess. “I’m staying for my daughter.” Like god damn file for divorce if you’re suicidal and miserable. Two of my good friends have mothers who cheated on their fathers. My friend Mike’s parents divorce and he’s glad they didn’t “stay for the kids.” My friend Josh, on the other hand, has severe anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts brought on from his parents constantly arguing and fighting after deciding to stay for the kids.

But the most important part of this is that you’re not cheating on your husband, you’re cheating on your daughter. You’re risking your future as a mother to have some sex.

I know you’ll probably go ahead and have sex with the guy because your morals are pretty misconstrued. But just think about it.

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