Dog is allergic to everything and vets can't control it. Not sure what to do at this point?

My case isnt exactly the same as yours, but wish you can take it as ref. I have 2 GSDs from different rescue groups. Female is now close to 7 (est), and the male is 3 months to 3. When i got the boy, he was only 11 weeks. They rescued the parents, and the mom gave birth 3 puppies in foster home. I got one of them. He had been very health until around 18 mo old. At one point, he was 78lbs, but dropped 10lbs in 1 mos while eating 5 cups a day. Foods wasnt bad, i fed Origen, ~US$100 per 28lbs bag. Why all the sudden with the same food? No food recall, no formula changed. Why? I tried few other brands, Hills (suggested by vet), TOW, Zignature LID...etc. no luck. He just keep eating a lot with losing weight. But he was still very playful as puppy. Then on luck, i met another GSD owner at dog park, and i was told about EPI (Search it yourself if interested). Another vet visit with $400 blood test. Bingo. And lucky enough, he is on the light side. Then of course another expensive bills and med costed me like $3000-$4000. And the med didnt work at all.

So, after closed to 10 mos of frustration, i tried raw diet (Primal) just for a kick. And it worked like magic. Poop turned back normal in just 2 days. Vet suggested that there are some dogs that cant take any kibbles. I was suggested to keep raw feed fir 2 mos before trying anything else. So, in the last 2 months of 2014, he enjoyed 3lbs of meat (chicken or beef and liver, all raw) a day. He gained 8lbs back before the new year. Now, he is on The Honest Kitchen as main plus some raw once a week. Poop not prefect as 100% raw but still good. And weight keeps going up now just over 80lbs.

My suggestion is that, give him raw feeds for a try. 2.5~3% of the body weight daily as guideline. You should see the differences in short time. Dont mix raw with kibble. Just switch 100% in once. Do some research before you try it out. I know some vets against raw diet, but it works on my boy like magic. Oh, he also had some red hotspots, but now all gone.

Good luck with your dog.

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