I don't know what to do anymore.

Understand that male/female behaviour has a built in operating system that's designed to allow survival of the species. Life isn't the way it is because people are evil, it's the way it is because that's the system that's proven itself for survival.

Imagine if every female on the planet disappeared today, and it was men only. If men wanted to keep a world with infrastructure (roads, bridges, heat, electricity, 600 hp cars)… we could keep it. Much of male competitiveness would disappear, as that's a setting built in to attract women. Wars, violence, etc. would actually decrease beyond belief. Eden was Eden until Eve showed up and start messing around with the settings.

Now imagine a world where every male disappeared, and it was women only. 50 years from now trees would be growing out of every highway and roadway, there'd be no power plants running, no fuel for vehicles, no mechanical farming, etc. The "modern" world would cease to exist.

Biologically, her job is not to build and maintain the modern world. Her body is designed to gestate and feed children, everything else is secondary. Your job is to make the world comfortable for her and her children. You don't have to be nice, just provide. She doesn't care if you're nice, just provide. In fact if you're nice, someone else is probably taking advantage of your niceness and she's getting less of your provisioning. This is her default setting and why.

Today's government assistance programs aren't going to undo a million years of biological evolution. Zombie apocalypse tomorrow and it's everyone for himself? She doesn't want a nice guy to protect her. She'll seek out the biggest asshole she can find, and submit completely to his agenda, as long as she's provided for and protected.

If women didn't behave this way, our species might have lost out to sabre tooth tigers or dodo birds along the way. Who knows what other species have been around that humanity wiped out in order to have a "safe space" for ourselves.

Take care of yourself. Pillage and conquer in the manner the modern world allows you to. You always come first, even when women are involved. Especially when women are involved. They cannot stop themselves from seeking you out in these circumstances. They will not leave a man who won't change for them. Change for her and soften up? She'll pack and leave before you can say "honey, your bath water's ready."

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