Donald Trump Still Thinks the 'Central Park 5' are Guilty

Interestingly enough, there's actually a not terrible case that some or all of the Central Park Five participated and Reyes, the man who eventually confessed, participated.

From all the Five's independent statements: all of the boys made statements to the police that they helped but not one of them admitted to actually having intercourse with the victim. The search for the perpetrator stopped, but confusingly neither the police nor the DA attempted to explain how all five could agree she was raped by someone but never tapped someone for actually raping her.

Ultimately, there is some evidence that at least someone a part of that group was there that night. Santana and Richardson separately pointed out the location of the rape when brought to Central Park--which was somewhere between impossible and improbable to do without having some prior personal knowledge. Several of the five identified some to many details of the rape that are highly inexplicable if they didn't have some sort of idea about the rape--with Santana and Richardson and Wise being the most reliable in their testimony like identifying the color of her walkman pouch.

Perhaps most disturbingly, from the various accounts that Reyes has given in different interviews that the public has been able to review, there have been significant problems or inconsistencies in his description of the details of the attack and subsequent events.

That is, comparing the six explanation of events: highly inconsistent, except they do all have details that only someone with personal knowledge of the events came upon.

Lead to a special report conclude:

We believe, however, that it is necessary, for the purposes of our inquiry, to complete the record by considering other scenarios that a jury might also accept. Our examination of the facts leads us to suggest that there is an alternative theory of the attack upon the jogger – that both the defendants and Reyes assaulted her, perhaps successively.

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