I don't want to get fired (Cisco 2901) No internet, no help, my boss is MAD. Please help!

I'm a complete newbie here... just lurking to learn, so I shouldn't really be commenting with my laughable knowledge level.


It seems like she started with a fairly simple looking set of wires going into a Cisco box.

If she moved the box, and then plugged things back CORRECTLY (since it was a simple looking setup)... And she's tried different reconnection sequences since, to no avail... then...

Could there perhaps be a physical fault with one of the wires?

Since the person before her, put the Cisco unit on a cardboard box, in a hazardous way... if someone has ever pulled sudden/hard on the wires, by actually tripping on them....

then the wiring could have been damaged (such as the section that is crimped to the RJ-45 connector).

Or what if the person before her, actually crimped the RJ-45 plugs in an amateurish way, which from the sounds of things wouldn't surprise me.

This would mean that the wire had sufficient contact for a while...

but when she came along and innocently unplugged/jiggled the wires, to move the Cisco box to a safer location, then suddenly the fault appeared.

The effect would be like when you have a beloved pair of headphones, and you keep plugging, or unplugging them into devices, until after many months, or years, you plug them in that last time, and bam: a bunch of crinkly STATIC/NOISE appears on the line.

(An even more UNLIKELY possibility: my cat once gave one of my wires an ever so slight bite, and it worked fine, until I had to pull it, and move it. So a mouse, or squirel wintering inside, give just a slight bite... and then she came along and pulled the wiring slightly just to move the Cisco box...)

I guess someone with a simple wire tester, or line tester, could do a quick check of the wire?

Or since she moved the device, maybe she plugged it into a new power outlet that is defective?

Anyways, like I said I probably shouldn't be commenting here, or distracting others with a possibility that might be more unlikely... since I'm still a total newbie!

But wow, I hope she is able to fix this, and/or find a technician/engineer to help her with this.

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