Elon is banning people for pointing out his friends are pedophilees

Your first sentence is just wrong. You don’t understand the justice system if you can’t understand the value in not being charged with hate-related offenses. It’s not about the client wanting to save his reputation, it’s about the legal team wanting to downplay the crimes. This is literally the point of a criminal defense attorney, to do whatever they can to benefit their client. The very first thing they should be doing is working to eliminate hate as a motiving factor.

Like I told you above, the lawyers license is not at risk. You’re completely misunderstanding what perjury even means. He filed normal motions on behalf of his client and under the footnotes he included that his client was nonbinary. You’re severely misunderstanding what perjury is. These are normal motions. He could have said his client was Santa Claus, there’s no perjury here.

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