Have you ever felt as a gamedev that you do not enjoy playing games as you used to do before being a game dev?

the second i learnt about game dev, i lost the illusion that i was hitting, cutting, chopping up enemies in most games and it really sucked the fun out of games i enjoy

then as i kept on learning and making small games for fun, i found myself trying to find out how things are made and how they tick, instead of enjoying the game.

this made me lose interest in the majority of games very quickly

now i play games and realize that they're often easily made. what was hard was the design and stuff, not making it. sometimes videos come up on youtube that complains about slow game dev or how "scammy" some kickstarter projects are when they recreate what the dev has spent months on in just 1 hour and it's sad how the work of so many people are just spat on (but some of the videos are right that they're usually scams).

now i can only enjoy games that have very unique gameplay loops or are story driven.

i'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing since i'm kinda saving tons of money not buying that many games like i used too but...

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