Drought conditions in the Russian River watershed and other parts of California are severe. Our creeks are already about as dry as they were at the driest point of 2015, the peak of the last drought. All three life stages of our anadromous fish have been impacted this year.

Lmaooo “nazi apologist” hahaha, fuckin’ nuts. Unless we can somehow get everyone on board, it’s too little, too late for individualist approaches. And judging by the general public’s reaction to having to wear a mask, how exactly do you think sacrificing hot showers, or switching to tap water is going to go over? It’s not apathetic to understand people just aren’t willing to do it in meaningful numbers - especially after we had an entire year-long demonstration of exactly how far people will go mentally to avoid inconveniencing themselves even a little bit. This isn’t a hypothetical pessimism “oh well I just don’t think people can change” - this is just observing what’s happening.

Do I do everything I can? Fuck yeah. But I’m not a fool that thinks individual action is driving any kind of sustainable change. It just makes me morally feel better. Like you, spouting off at people that have decent ideas lmao. Many direct the moralistic anger at a better source.

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