Experiences with therapy in grad school - discussion.

This summer I was so unbelievably overwhelmed, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I am a psychology student, so nothing was weirder for me than knowing I needed the help I was going to provide people later on in life. But I had just been through one of those periods where relationships fell apart, then financial troubles came to get me, then family problems took another piece, and then finally two completely different but major health issues decided to take away my ability to distract myself through work. It was so bad I still can't believe it all happened in the span of two months. I describe it as getting on a rollercoaster, immediately realizing you need to get off, _but then the ride never ends_.

I pulled out the phone number for my school's emergency counselling center, and as I was thinking about calling a sweet colleague came to me and asked how I was doing. Just that made me cry. I told her I was actually about to call to get a therapy appointment, and she fully supported me.

The most annoying part was _waiting_ for the appointment, but once I got there it was great. I got a lot off my chest, connected with the therapist, and we made plans for what I wanted to accomplish next. Like many others the centre only offered short-term services, so I could only get about 6 meetings total. But the therapist scheduled me to see her in a month, and I happily realized that one session was all I needed at the time.

Going to therapy - even just once - was the best choice I ever made. I now know its a viable option for me, and that even psychology researchers can need help to. I still think about some of the tailored strategies I was given on a daily basis, so while I can't say an hour of therapy can give you wings and an unlimited bank account, I can tell you it is certainly worth trying.

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