Explicit sex scenes in teen dramas is inappropriate and unnecessary and using adult actors to portray teens is wrong

Oh man, don't be ashamed. The reality of it is, tv and stories romanticize everything but a large majority of people don't bang anything that moves, are constantly overcome with hormonal horniness, or even have relationships in high school (or after). I was a virgin until I went to college too and I ended up having sex the first time because I was just in a really bad place mentally and it felt like nothing because it meant nothing. (Disclosure: im a girl, not sure if that changes anything...some people say it does) But when I got with my current long-term boyfriend, it was truly amazing. Which I'm hesitant to say, cuz it sounds cheesy and rarely is just normal sex amazing. But it blew my mind how big of a difference the FEELINGS made. I love this guy and it made SO MUCH difference. Waiting for that is worth it. It's nothing to be ashamed of - wanting to wait until its right. I'm not ashamed of my choices, but I would been saved a lot of mental strife had I not done some of the things I did. Pressure gets to you, but try your hardest not to let it

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