FBI: Video evidence shows noose found in garage of Bubba Wallace had been there since Oct. 2019

Truthfully I am guilty of reading the comment section too much in politically motivated posts, which is a large part of the front page. I don’t use twitter, and my only other social media is an IG account I have following close friends. I’ve been on reddit for a long long time lurking, and I’m getting ready to completely try and shut my experience on this site down. I wanna stick around because I like reading a lot of niche subs, but it always leads down to the rabbit hole of popular posts full of civil discourse.

It’s not healthy, for anyone... I’m on my soapbox right now. but every other part of social media in my life I have found that I’ve cut out, I’ve been happier. It gives you so much to hate about everything in the world which distracts how you can change the part of it right in front of you.

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