FDA lifts ban on blood donation from homosexuals

You are right the ban is not ok, but you have to understand the HIV tests are expensive and if you test positive some more expensive tests are ran (so about 6 per person if they are positive). So thats why many countries have a system that might seem discriminatory in place. The point being is that the homosexual community has had a high degree of HIV transmissions so thats why healthcare systems around the world are implementing restrictions against such donations.

But i hear you say: thats not fair. Well true its not and in an ideal system we would have cheap ways of testing but dont forget we also dont accept blood from:- People who travel (outside of Europe, or in some European countries), - People who work in places where you can get infected by a disease, - People who have multiple partners ,-People who had tattoos or piercings done lately, - People who have sex for money or drugs, - Drug users. And many of those people i wrote are clean and everyone knows HIV can infect anyone.

Buuuuuut. The statistics prove that HIV is most common with gay & bisexual men. So thats why until a better testing system that is cheap doesent come out many organizations can deny you as a donor.

You might say that is discriminatory and you would be partially right. But lets not forget Brazil. Yes the country not the great movie. They had a huge problem with HIV positive people donating blood so they good eat. And many of them were male gay prostitutes, drug users etc. so they started implementing such a system and the cost and time of those tests fell to somewhat normal level.

But before you downvote me to hell let me state this. I am a healthcare worker i dont look at a persons sexuality, race, religion or opinion. I do what i love doing , helping people. But i also understand why such systems are in place. And i also understand that with new technology such systems are getting obsolete. But until everyone can afford such new systems of testing the old ones are going to be in place because they work even if they sound discriminatory.

If you got any questions just ask im glad to answer them if i can.

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