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Class Warfare

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An arena style fighting game with heavy emphasis on fighter customization. You can customize movesets, equipment, and items, similar to character building in an RPG.

You can play against the CPU or another player, and the CPU has an adjustable difficulty in the options.

The game does not have a tutorial at the moment though it does need one. Consider the following a tutorial on the basics and controls.

Player 1 * X and V: Move left and right * C: Crouch * D: Jump * 1: Light Attack * 2: Heavy Attack * 3: Special Attack * Q: Use Item * W: Break Attack * E: Guard * A: Pause

Navigate menus with the movements keys and press Light attack [1] to confirm. Press Break [W] to cancel.

The objective like most fighting games is to reduce your opponent's life to zero, at which point they lose a life. Knock out two of your opponents lives and you win the match.

Your fighter is composed of many customizable aspects, which you decide before the match begins.

  • Class: determines your starting stats and normal moves
  • Specials: your special attacks, performed with the Special Attack key, [3].
  • Weapon: changes stats
  • Infusion: changes stats/status effects
  • Trinket: a passive bonus, such as health regen
  • Item: a usable item, such as a health potion

The aforementioned stats are: * HP: Your health points. When these drop to 0, you lose a life. * MP: Your mana points. Used for Special Attacks. Every Special Attack costs MP. * SP: Your stamina points. Used for Light Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Guarding, Rolling, and Jumping. * ATK: Your Attack Rating: Increases damage dealt * DEF: Your Defense Rating: Decreases damage taken * INT: Your Intelligence Rating: Increases MP Regeneration, and Special Attack damage * WLP: Your Willpower Rating: Increases SP Regeneration, and Light and Heavy Attack damage.

You also have a LIMIT meter, which fills as you deal and receive damage. Pressing the Break key, [W], performs a Break attack. There are four levels of LIMIT that allow you to perform different Break Attacks. * Breaker: Hold the Break key while getting hit to to break the combo. * Level 1: Peform Breaks in the air or with a grab * Level 2: Perform a Break on the ground * Level 3: Perform a more powerful break on the ground. Use with Left or Right [X or V] and the Break key [W].

While holding the Guard Key [E], press Left or Right [X or V] to dodge in that direction. Or, press an attack key to attempt a Grab attack. Holding the Guard Key [E] and pressing the Light Attack key [1] or the Heavy Attack key [2] performs a normal grab. Pressing the Special Attack key [3] performs a special grab, and pressing the Break key [W] performs your Break grab.

Combos are performed by hitting your opponent and then immediately inputting a new attack. You must time the next input with the moment the opponent is hit.

I know it seems like a lot, but many have playtested the game and it usually only took one or two matches to understand everything.

[Demo Footage]

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