Feeling defeated and lost

Can you imagine, as a 3-year-old, walking into a physics lab and asking a professor to teach you how to build a Large Hadron Collider? That's your argument, you know.

Great point. Fantastic actually.

the fundamentals are grueling and painful and more illuminating and terrifying than you can imagine, but without them, you'll never be able to play basketball, young Jordan.

Well, this is debatable. Some of my favorite gurus assert that it does not have to be grueling, painful process. And nothing is required other than self-inquiry. No need to meditate for decades, no need to face demons, etc.

When you reach that point, if you decide to stay and perceive from there, you will not want to change anything. Ever. At all. You won't care enough to do so.

Another excellent point. I can verify this. In my few psychedelic experiences, all of my desires dissolved and I saw no meaning in anything. Which is why I don't necessarily want permanent enlightenment, I just want to be enlightened enough to improve the quality of my life and the people in my experience. And of course, eventually, the entire world, because it would make me feel uncomfortable living a joyous life while others are suffering.

No, I concede that I'm in a world with countless other beings, because it's the only way to experience. If you don't concede that possibility, you don't get to enjoy what is. But that concession comes after you realize that there's no one but you, and even that's not really totally true (because thoughts about "you" or "being" can only be experienced in the world). It's not that there's no one but you; it's that there's no one. At all.

Probably not entirely accurate, but excellent nonetheless. You're very wise :)

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