Felt like this was relevant. Autistic people still have the ability to love, no matter how severe

I guess I'm one of the very few. My son is verbal, and when he is having a meltdown he often tells me that he hates me. I respond every time with something like, "That's a shame because you're the love of my life!"

Before he could talk (5-6 years old) I sometimes had to hold and rock him even as he thrashed and punched (many swollen lips and dental work from it) because it was that - or he would hurt himself. I know he hated it but I had to protect that little noggin.

This comic is actually quite accurate to our lives? His biggest meltdowns were always at the grocery store.

I'm a single parent now (13 years married and 4 divorced), for one reason: Major differences in how I felt we should handle meltdowns. He felt yelling, spanking, screaming was best. I felt removal of stimulus, strong hugs, and responding with empathy and my outpouring of love was best.

My son always apologizes for the things he says when he's angry. He has fewer meltdowns. He told me that I understand him better than most people in this world and that ... is enough for me.

Let them stare. Too many parents feel we must do things on our schedule. We forget sometimes it's better to leave the grocery cart with customer service and walk out. Yes, it sucks our energy. Yes, its inconvenient, but it's the right thing to do. If leaving chores unfinished is too much for a person, I tell alot of parents to look into government assistance for developmental disability because our solution was respite care. I now shop with a spare worker who - if meltdowns occurr - can take my son to the car so I can finish shopping. It's something I do not pay for and it enables me to care for my kid the way doctors agree is best. Most of all they provide dignity for my child who both has a meltdown, and gets embarrassed by people seeing his meltdown. In the car he can scream and hide until it's over.

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