FIFA loses three World Cup sponsors in Castrol Continental Johnson & Johnson

So edgy. Big Pharma because they invest in the R&D and clinical trials that generics feed off of, right? You do realise that generics aren't required to provide clinical studies or even prove bioequivalency? Basically, they copy the active ingredient and mimic the others as best as they can, not offering the same action mechanisms, efficacy, or quality, and not being required to prove anything more than the general safety.

Your cheap and oh-so-philanthropic generics exist only for profit and contribute nothing to the advancement of pharmaceutical products, and would not exist without Big Pharma's investment. You truly speak like someone who has never seen a P&L or annual report from a Pharma company. I'd urge you to look at the R&D investment, how long each product remains in the pipeline, how many never make it past exploration or trial phases, how many are eventually not successful, how long an FDA approval actually takes, how many countries will only have the medication accessible to the public through government subsidy (and therefore demand disprortionate pharmaeconomy), and eventually how long it is patent protected for (i.e. before a generic or copy comes along and drastically slashes its profitability).

I'm very used to reading these kinds of sentiments, and it's quite amazing how little people know about how the pharmaceutical industry operates.

Is it profitable? Yes, it's profitable. Most businesses are and seek to be. Big Pharma is enterprise, and it is your government's duty to ensure that medication is reasonably accessible to the public and to actively pursue treatment/eradication/control of public health concerns. I don't see too many governments investing in the research BF does towards drugs. By the way, did you know that many of the studies carried out at Universities are financed by BF, also, and that they have their involvement limited for ethical reasons? The U.S. is a massive anomaly in public health care, so I can often understand your sentiment of Big Bad Pharma. I am amazed at what Americans pay to get medical treatment and drugs. The fact of the matter is that a great number other countries' governments completely fund or largely subsidise pharmaceutical products for catastrophic and illnesses of high incidence (Cancer, HIV, Leukemia, Diabetes, Asthma, etc.).

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