Formerly suicidal redditors, what's something that kept you alive a little while longer and helped you to get through the dark times in your lives ?

I finally realized that my parents were absolute dumb idiots when it came to raising me. I was raised thinking that every time I did anything, and I mean the most insignificant thing in life, you could imagine, that I should be rewarded. Whether right or wrong. I always felt the stronger more athletic football boys in School, who won the trophies and had the beautiful girlfriends were above me. I was way wrong as far as my parents were concerned. It takes hard work and confidence to get what they had. They taught me that there are no losers in life. That I could sit and play video games until I was 30 or even longer in their basement, and still get the beautiful girls and popularity that the football boys attained, But now I’m really upset.... I now feel Im a total and complete failure and I didnt know my parents were total and complete idiots as well, and were lying to me my whole life. Not even one single regular girl will even look at me. I want to lash out and just do something crazy!!! But Now though, even my parents, who were such wussies and unrealistic....aren’t gonna keep me from picking myself up, and go out and work for what I know is the American Dream, and be a winner,rather than a loser! Im going to pull my weight! Im going to be somebody! Im going to tell my pansie parents that they were the losers this entire time, and they brought me to the brink of destroying my life and self! Im done with being a typical millenial loser in the eyes of most of the hard working American public. Im going to rise above and be productive!!! and get that Girl that the other guys always had. And the whole time.....Say “I EARNED IT”!!!

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