Free Talk Fridays - Week of December 26, 2014

Howdy hey guys and gals it's your best buddy /u/HaveYouMetDev here. Due to an exceptional number of requests for this to continue, it has! I know you're all shaking in the knees but first, story time. I actually got into a car accident on Tuesday. The crash was pretty bad. I was passing through an intersection and somebody was texting while driving and happened to run the red light. It hit the side of the car with my brother in it. He's completely fine and only has a minor concussion alongside a few scrapes and bruises.The idiot is more sad that he's not allowed to watch the Christmas Toradora episode than anything else. Anyway, that's my story. Question time

/1. What's your name. (I'm going to get all of them through repetition)

/2. Who'll be the next person on this sub to achieve mod status?

/3. What's your favorite quadrupedal animal?

/4. Do you have any hobbies offline besides anime? What are they?

/5. What's the best way to waste 20 minutes?

/6. Who has the best taste on this sub? Pls be nice

/7. Who's the rising star of /r/anime?

/8. How do I get into the Fate series/What's the coolest place you've ever been to?

/9. What 5 adjectives best describe you?

/10. If you could have a single superpower of your choosing what would it be? Who would be your arch nemesis on this sub?

/11. What's your favorite vegetable, meat/meat substitute, and candy?

/12. How do you like your coffee or tea?

/13. What's the best flavor of ice cream?

/14. Who's the funniest person on this sub?

/15. What anime character do you most resemble?

/16. What's your favorite non anime related YouTube channel?

/17. What's the best sport to watch? To play?

/18. Make up a word. What does it mean?

/19. What's the king of sandwiches?

/20. Who, from this sub, is in your harem? (5 users at most for extra broken hearts)

/21. What is your least/most favoritest thing about the /r/anime subreddit

/22. What was the last thing you saw that was magenta?

/23. Eggnog?

Same as last time, if you have any questions for me, feel free to ask anything but please be nice! I promise I'll answer to the best of my ability unless it's too personal. Anyway, merry Christmas to everybody cool enough to be having Christmas still and happy belated Christmas to everybody else!

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