Friendly reminder: Creating lore is NOT "forcing lore." Trying to SUPPRESS someone else's lore... pretty much IS forcing lore.

It's kind of half and half and can easily be confused on both ends really.

1 is whether it's liked or not by either the community and artist. In an creator perspective, if someone tries to shove it in our faces and say "This is a thing now in TPP! Everyone follow this!", without it the reader given a thought or 2 to read it or check it out, it's forced. In a reader perspective, if they don't like it because of an idea the creator made to a certain character or point, that's okay. What's not okay is even when not liking the idea is the reader nitpicking to the point that goes "Hey! Do this lore my way, the way I want it, the way I like it in my headcanons, or it freaking sucks and you're forcing stuff!". That's a lore being forced itself by the reader to make their headcanons happen.

  1. Is how far the readers will accept what the series is a creator has done. I don't want to compare myself to TPP greats, but me, Zetsu and OPE are 3 biggest examples I can think of in terms of this. We started out yeah hoping our stories will make it big in TPP, but then later whined down and just made these cause their really fun, people seem to enjoy them, and we want to tell a story. So at that point it's not up to the creator, it's the readers themselves what they want to draw out to make them feel relatively special to TPP to maybe even future runs. Or have them have their own place in the community in general.

I guess the only example I can think of is this. You got "Red,Gold, & Green", AskPCOverlordBill, and AskTwitchPKMN8+. Series people love and people hate at all angles when it comes to lore. Out of this, the readers grown attached to Zetsu stories such as Bill (his version of rampage still my favorite), AJ & LazorGatr, and especially Fennel. In AskPCOverlordBill we got OPE's lovable Bill, Lanette, and Zigzagoon people grew to like and love. Then theres Ask-TwitchPKMN8+ (my series). out of all the crazy tossed ideas people love/hate/don't care for, there's the 3 flareons, Scout, coffee gags, Burrito & Martyr, and other random shippings you guys spot out funny. To take it to the next level, with my intentions with the blog, you some/ a lot of you guys consider my series another timeline or an alternate universe of TPP. In away, brought up the Multiverse upbringings to TPP.

So with that, it's an even trade off that's not really forced. Even though it's not based off TPP events entirely, all stories started off like that (or based off something TPP related) then drifted to their own thing. From that point, it's up to the readers what they want to draw out from that for any future things as said like any references, memes and creating their own lores.

Then all, I agree with ya TK. Runs come in, memes fly in, lore gets created, art arises, everything has it's part in the community to keep TPP fresh and interesting! :)

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