From a Tryndamere one trick Pony to an main Jungler?

yea of course :)
First i never take/took ghost. I always run Flash on Tryndamere. Its better for Teamfighting,you can like flash e and some things to kill their squishys/adc.
The thing about Tryndamere is,he is very hard to play on that meta.Most Toplaner are way stronger than you. Like every game u playing vs range laners like Lissandra,Gnar,Cassio and People even pick things like Quinn vs you. Other People will pick things like Malphite and Nasus vs you where you have to do something early otherwhise they just outscale you.The only common picks i see where Tryndamere has a chance is vs Irelia,Jax,Riven(Well Irelia,Jax and Riven are Skill matchups and you cna beat them in all game stages but they can beat ya too).
Cheesing still works very fine even vs range matchups(w/e most people already know the powerspike from trynd with fury early levels so they will be carefull).
Mid and Jungle Tryndamere are "ok". The Cleartime of jungle Tryndamere isnt that bad if you get some crits. Just use ur Q if u only need to.Well enemys can chesse you really easy in ur jungle if u got no fury and you early ganks are suuuuuuuper weak so you have to rely on ur team. Mid Tryndamere doesnt really have kill potential but you can roam a lot and get some kills there.
But most of the time i got Toplane and if someone other picked i just went Blitzcrank support or Lee jungle.I rarley had to go Mid or ADC.

A tip from me : Roam. If your is behind try to get some kills/farm on ur lane push ur t1 tower and roam the shit out of the enemys. Dont Splittpush if u dont have too. Splittpush isnt that good anymore.People just run teleport to stop you. If ur team losing 4v4 or even 4v3 you cant do anything with splittpushing. In Teamfights u can kill the Adc and maybe even the AP.But Teamfighting can be very hard. People will do everything to cc/burst you. You have to find a good way to their backline. that Guy/guide teaches a lot. He even started Streaming a few day. He just have like 50~ viewers and he answer like every question.

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