Gender dysphoria in young people is rising—and so is professional disagreement

"Why do people feel like they could actually do something about it these days?"

Let's have a real world example of the problem at hand.

A young 13 year old in the middle of puberty has a lot going on. They are struggling in life to make friends then want to join a friend group. They see trans people get all the attention from everyone around them then want to try it for themselves. They go to a doctor about it and the doctor just wants to get through their patient list as fast as possible. Doesn't want to argue with the kid or else they might get that doctor canceled for denying them. They do a bottom surgery. 5 years later the kid matures a bit more then begins to regret their decision. They start to experience real gender dysphoria. They suicide knowing they can't go back after telling the world of their story.

This actually happened and it's not the only case. The doctor resigned and became suicidal.

This is why people feel they need to intervene to improve the system. This is why we should actually talk about the real problems at hand. We need to make sure we properly treat and we properly diagnose people.

Bottom surgeries on young people before they have matured to understand their decision and the consequences with it is a serious topic. We can't just ignore this. This isn't about being for or against trans. This is about a process that is improper.

I hope you are able to understand the deeper problems at hand now.

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