The desire for power leads men but not women to engage in more sexual behavior in the workplace

Lol when 80% of your experiences with men are negative, you don’t exactly have the greatest opinion of them. It’s almost like people like you don’t realize that literally every woman has a story of a man who ignored her boundaries, exploded when she politely rejected him, or started crying about “misandry” and how unfair it is that he can’t get a super hot woman who has her own money, hobbies, and social life, to marry him, when she said he isn’t her type… like literally talk to a woman. Any woman. She will have a story for you. Probably dozens. Some of us who live in really sexist regions of the US have far more negative experiences with men than positive ones, and I’m one of those.

So maybe I’m misandrist, but until some of y’all start acting like adults, I’m probably not going to trust very many of you.

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