Joseph Himle, PhD on Social Anxiety Disorder - very detailed and accurate lecture

Yes, but even he describes near the beginning patients being very intellectually aware of this problem but unable to tackle the limbic system response real-time. Nobody's constantly in panic mode. Outside of that emotionally charged space, it's implied that many do recognize there is some sort of social problem happening. There is self-awareness wrapped up w/that self consciousness.

There's having an idea, and there's being emotionally able to put that idea into practice, in your life, consistently enough that you're fundamentally shifting a well worn belief system. There's the careful conditioning of managing your own !!!emergency alarm!!! brainspace. It's hard to implement the necessary changes that you've never implemented comfortably before. But...

The idea that no improvement's possible sounds like "all or nothing" thinking. To make such a negative and dysfunctional/shaming claim seems dangerous to me. Socially anxious people will read that comment and feel like they're not trying enough, or that their trying might be useless. Maybe their the hopeless kind of socially anxious...after all, they've been struggling with these same damn issues for a while...

This comment is here to say...the right therapy, maybe the right medication, and a better grip on self-encouragement CAN help. There is hope. It requires tenacity, yes, but I think anyone has the capability to improve if they recognize the need for it.

Maybe it's noticing the small scale improvements....that's okay. Those stack up over time. Still legit. Every journey is different.

Anyway I just needed to say these things. Maybe this isn't the perfect arrangement of words but I'm letting go and posting

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