Gender dysphoria in young people is rising—and so is professional disagreement

Ahh yeah, I get what you meen. I wish people would focus on real issue in my country like the economy and workers rights, but it always feels like that all takes a backseat to arguing over letting people identify the way they want. I'm just as jaded with that nonsense. It's been that way sense I was a kid and I feel like I've gone from anger, to tired, to "That's just how it is" nowadays.

Still, I hope things get better someday. My youngest sibling, early 20's, is transitioning currently and seems much happier than she used to be. I worry, but I try not to put to much stock in twitter types. She's living in a safe environment with good friends that support her, I just hope it stays that way and try not to let the pessamism get to me, too much at least.

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