Most young men are single. Most young women are not.

Wow, this is a terribly obtuse comment.

Painting men in hugely broad strokes based on personal experience and yet making bold sweeping scientific claims about the relationship between men and women.

Men are

as spoiled and irreverent and ‘essential’ as they’ve been in the past. When they have developed very little to offer and are after women with much to offer.

This doesn't make any sense. Economically men still make more than women, so are you saying that they are fat or something? Again ratios are pretty much the same there as well. So would not at all explain the general gap between single men and women.

and this

So many women in even my Republican town won’t even speak to a outwardly presenting Christian or conservative. And when that’s most of the dating pool…

also doesn't make sense on multiple levels. You seem to be trying to say that women don't want to date republican men, and that explains the why more men are single, but the number of republican men and women is nearly the same. Same goes for Christians, this does not explain the overall gap.

This comment is sexiest, and generally stupid. I think the gap is more likely an issue with rising rates of depression, and issue both men and women are feeling keenly as the recent article about teenage girls reflects.

But go ahead and make some insane broadly sweeping comments about men not being valuable and women no longer needing them.

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