Girl I’m dating went on a date with a different guy the day after our first date, gave him head on their first date, but didn’t even kiss me on our first date. What do I think?

Idk if you’re male or female but you’re either being sexist or you have toxic masculinity. Men are allowed to have feelings and if you think it’s ok to demean a mans feelings then you can fuck right off, there’s a reason why men have a higher suicide rate.

With that being said thanks for your input, unlike most the other answers, I wasn’t going to cut her out even if she had given him head. The problem is how she wanted to be exclusive right away and told me she is worried about me being a player. If she had given another guy head and then told me that the next time she say me, that is a major, major red flag. That’s the issue. I’d still even give her a chance if she had complete sex with him. Cause I do agree, we weren’t exclusive. I met her in tinder. I can’t expect anything if I’m not willing to get past that. I’m gonna give it a shot and just ask her about it in person tomorrow in our 7th date. I do like her a lot.

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