Giving away 2 Wrestlemania tickets.

So here's my brother, sister and I at a live event in Anaheim. We all love watching wrestling.

The thing is I've considered myself as kind of a black sheep out of my brother and sister. As we grew older my brother and sister were more into the punk scene and I was more into video games and whatnot.

We all had watched wrestling as kids but it was only until CM Punk became big that we all came back to watching WWE. My brother told me about CM Punk and I began watching again.

It's only until now that I realized how much wrestling brought me closer to my brother and sister. We can go on and on about match ups, rumors and what we saw here in /r/squaredcircle.

That's one of the main reasons I continue watching. It's not only entertaining but brings me closer to my family. When Raw came to Anaheim not too long ago I surprised my brother with tickets. We previously were sitting way up in the nosebleeds but I saved up money to get closer seats. Needless to say that very night Ric Flair, Hogan, and HBK came out for the legends panel about Cena. My brother was glowing that night. I hadn't seen him happier. I can't imagine how'd he react if he were going to Mania and also was getting the chance to see Undertaker's WRESTLEMANIA entrance in person.

I love wrestling. I don't know when Wrestlemania will show up in California again. If given the tickets to Wrestlemania both my brother and I will drive up to attend.

Not only will Wrestlemania be a once in a lifetime experience but it will strengthen the bond between my brother and I.

Bonus: Here's proof that I am the person in the pictures.

Also if I am chosen to receive the tickets then I will get a Finn Balor haircut and paint my face/neck to the best of my ability to look like Balor . I'll take pictures of the entire trip and post them all for my fellow IC #1 contenders here in /r/SquaredCircle .

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