Google Fires Employee Behind Controversial Diversity Memo

I have met countless more absurdly named black people than I have Adolf Hitlers.

Sounds like that's your problem and only supports the argument about bias that was presented in the first place. Additionally, names like Deshawn ARE subjected to severe bias in hiring. So, the "problem" you're discussing is, at best, an excessively minor point and one grounded at its very root in racial bias, despite the potential pragmatic argument if it were more commonplace, which it isn't, your anecdotal reference notwithstanding. Even if it were however, the solution you draw from this is to focus on the symptom and not the root of said bias?

For the record, your tone now is significantly improved from your original comment. I have a better understanding of what you're trying to say here, but it doesn't change the fact that the bias we're discussing here is VERY pronounced in your own response to it. By reinforcing the "Well, perhaps Shaniqua shouldn't be naming her son DevonMcNuggetJamal" shit, you're only perpetuating the bias preventing the very merit-based society you're saying you personally espouse. You see the irony here?

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