Gov. Newsom abolishes single-family zoning in California

That's why they put a stop every once in a awhile.

I don't know where you live, but "they" certainly don't.

Now you're just flip-flopping. First you say people don't go to the Ikea that often, and now you are saying they do it 'on a regular basis'. Which is it?

We're talking about traveling in general? Even then, the idea of taking a taxi to specifically Ikea is even more ridiculous.

Walking around nice, green, friendly suburbs is "incredibly depressing"?

Yes - not only is walking for miles along sweltering asphalt to the nearest point of interest incredibly inconvenient, the isolation and lack of community makes the experience even worse. Walking down a nice, tree-shaded street, surrounded by other human beings living their lives and enjoying their own day... maybe deciding you're hungry and having any number of local joints you can walk to, no planning or driving necessary... that is an enjoyable walk. Marching 2.5 miles to the nearest thing down a shitty, crumbling sidewalk (if there's a sidewalk at all) while 40mph traffic screams into your ears is hardly what I consider a relaxing stroll.

This isn't even touching on the developmental effects on raising a child in such an environment.

Walking to the store all the time, instead of thru beautiful scenery, is what would make medepressed.

So imagine how you would feel if it were illegal to build the type of neighborhood you enjoy, and the only places like it were so prohibitively expensive you'll never be able to move there. That would be pretty bad, wouldn't it?

Ooh, the entire state? lol. Try Wisconsin to New York City. And back.

I mean, yeah, I have. Trust me, I understand very well how big the US is.

I mentioned Europe, because that 'not just bikes' channel likes to compare the USA with Europe a lot.

Okay, and? The fact that the comparison is apparently so common means you should probably be more willing to listen.

So, tiny, crowded cities with tiny, crowded suburbs... and hundreds of miles of empty space between them?? (That no one can use, because no one has cars?)

That sounds absolutely divine. Friendly, vibrant communities, walkable spaces, healthier people, untouched natural landscapes accessible to everyone... god, what a dream.

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