Government of India has Blacklisted Karl Rock and have cancelled his visa

Much deserved. Though he makes good content which reval the scams in India, that doesn't make him escape from the law.

He was on tourist visa and why the heck did he participate in anti-CAA protests? How would it even matter to him? He must know his limit and enjoy his time in India as a tourist. If anyone go beyond the legal status, they will definitely be kicked out. He tried using the "emotional card" by giving excuses to gain public seniments. He is a violator and he will remain so.

I am a big fan of him and his scam busting is excellent. But I felt many a times that he was becoming more political by involvingn in Indian poltics. He participated actively in anti-CAA right. Which I felt not good. He is ofcourse the son-in-law of a popular Haryana politician and that must have deviated his content.

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