The Growing Precariat: Why We Need a Universal Basic Income

Why this UBI won't work: Predation. All the utopian models involving a UBI don't seem to factor in the human compulsion for predation. Within humanity there has always been a class of citizens who will feed on the week and the dumb. This includes drug pushers, corporations, and governments. And with a UBI, all it does is give those predators a tool to manipulate the system.

In a UBI system, you will have a lot of people living at a basic needs level of support. But humans do not consider living at basic needs to be acceptable. They want things. They want a better life. Sure, having food on the table is better than none at all, but it's all relative to what your neighbors have. And with basic needs being fulfilled by the government, employers will feel less of a need to pay livable wages. Because at that point, earning income is no longer about survival but luxury.

So the social classes will become more divided as decent paying jobs are handed only to citizens of a certain class such as white citizens vs black citizens. It's going to be like Russia where bribery gets you a better life, not hard work. Because labor will become cheap with a saturated job market and employers having to pay less.

Corporations will leverage the system to no longer have to provide a living wage and soon likely other benefits such as healthcare, PTO, retirement, because all those systems will become socialized as well.

Local drug pushers will continue to sell their products, except now those broke junkies who steal to feed their habit will simply sign-over their UBI checks to the dealer. And with a steady and reliable source of income, dealers will expand and take over territories like the current situation in Mexico.

And in control of the money and basic needs is the government. And what happens when the government decides they don't like you anymore? They just stop cutting you the checks and you are forced to live in a world where you can't get a job that meets your basic living needs. But the scarier issue is the "creep factor". I.e. laws begin to creep in and invade your basic human rights. First the creeps will begin to make sense, such as illegal aliens don't get a UBI. Next thing you know it's convicted pedophiles. (Fuck pedos, who cares what happens to them). Then it's convicted felons. Then its people who drive drunk. Or people who don't pay their taxes. Next thing you know, anyone who steps out of line runs the risk of losing their UBI. And this is how slavery is maintained. Thru the fear of losing your source of basic income. Because without that, living will be near impossible unless you are willing to work for the corrupt officials or drug pushers.

So if you want a nation of slaves who constantly live under this fear, working shit jobs in a system of bribery and corruption, then by all means, keep pushing this agenda.

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