Guys on Reddit, what’s something girls shouldn’t be insecure about?

Couple of things need to be said.

First - and someone else said it but it bears repeating - insecurity is itself a huge turn-off. When you're insecure, even if you don't do the thing where you ask your man "Am I fat?" or whatever, it still comes across. You're giving your man too much power to hurt you. Your man doesn't want to hurt you. He resents it.

Gents: this is just as true in the opposite case.

Second: there will be people who are attracted to you and people who aren't. This is a fact of life, it's nothing to do with sex or gender or anything else. Tastes differ. If a man puts you down about your body, that man is a c**t. I can assure you we hate him as much as you do. If a man just isn't that into you, on the other hand, that's just a thing that happens, says nothing about you, nothing about him. I can guarantee there's a man who's into your thing, whatever your thing is.

Gents: this is also just as true in the opposite case.

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