the mouse strikes again

Honestly, as much as I also hate that from a purely ethical standpoint, this is where we are. This is the framework we have to work with, and this is how we are going to solve this Republican problem in today's world capitalist hellscape. This is an exceptional case with many more dimensions than most others in the sense that Disney has its own special district, etc. Most corporations don't have that. So Disney got targeted harder and therefore gets to push back harder. That's awesome. What I think we're also going to see is other corporations removing campaign contributions and refusing to do business with anything that's spreading these wildly unpopular GOP views.

This is not because they are good people, it's because they know that the larger share of the market doesn't agree with these people, and their goal is to make money. Right now, we see this in more subtle ways. The GOP is railing against all things gay, and most major brands and companies still throw rainbows on stuff for Pride month. This isn't because they actually give a shit about LGBTQ+ rights, it's because they know that queer and ally dollars are a greater share of the market than bigot dollars. We can dunk on rainbow capitalism all we want (and we should) but it's a visible example of how companies know that catering to today's GOP views is bad business.

Now, take that one step further. Eventually, these companies will have to stop donating to GOP candidates and distance themselves further if they want to stay relevant and keep the money coming in from their customers. I find it pretty possible that corporate distancing could actually be the end of the GOP's influence as we know it. It would be kind of poetic to watch the ones who love capitalism the most, taken down by capitalism.

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