Have you guys seen this yet?

Ennnnh. It's a tough call.

In favor of your side, yes, this is the same kind of justification that goes into 'doxxing', and it can lead to pretty horrible and undeserved consequences for people who angered or upset the wrong internet creep.

On the other hand, if you had a quiet word 'just between us' with somebody, received emails or IM's or notes, etc., that were harassing in nature at work, school, a gym or other club, etc., it is 100% appropriate that you not only report the sender (if you know their identity) to appropriate authorities, but also warn others about them.

I think that's probably where I'd draw the line - it's one thing to report, or to tell others in the group so that they can be forewarned. They deserve to be reprimanded, even prevented from participating in the community if they can't do so positively. As an art exhibit or a call to action for equality, posting anonymized quotes is a pretty good idea.

The GIFT is certainly a real thing, and holy crap it's over ten years old, now, and we as a society are still struggling to deal with it. There's no doubt that internet harassment, little things from many people, can add up and lead to tragic consequences, but so can 'outing', name-and-shaming, doxxing, and the like.

I feel like there's a difference in protesting / fighting against a problem in our culture, and pointing out specific individuals who contribute to it, especially when it's framed in this way so that just those few lines are the only context you have for judging the person. It's possible that they are, in fact, wholly, irredeemably awful people, but...it seems pretty unlikely. Everybody has said or written things that they would want to shrivel up and die if they got turned into an exhibit like this, and once it hits the internet, it's basically forever. This could follow a person for years if somebody in their social group connected the dots.

Working against a social problem is a good thing, but this feels a bit more like 'doxxing', like vindictiveness, and less like actually trying to make the world a better place. I agree; this could have been done just a little bit differently and I would have fully supported it, but like this? I just can't get behind it. Somewhere in there is a line that this is just too far over.

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