Hae's note to Don not explored nearly enough.

The interview could have taken place during school time. I think whats more interesting about this note is that it places Don with Hae at some period after 2:15. She was seen by fellow students at 2:15. The verbage in the note implies that Don and Hae were together at some point before the letter was written. Now its also interesting that she adds "you can see me as many and as often as you want". Its a typical thing for teenage lovers to be obsessed with one another and attempt to see each other as often as possible. So imagine that your Hae and you're in love with your new beau. You leave school at 2:15, you have to pick up your cousin at 3:15, so you have an hour to swing by the mall and see your boyfriend. I am assuming that this is exactly what the vast majority of teenagers would do. So Hae has limited time with Don, just enough time to say hi and bye. Now i know the next thing im going to say is complete conjecture but it makes sense...i can see don coming out to see her, attempting to have sex with her, Hae denies him due to her schedule, don gets upset and tells hae to wait for him as he goes back into the store for a bit. Hae writes the note while he is gone and is preparing to leave it, when don returns and kills hae out of frustration. This story still gives don his alibi of being at work since she came to him and he only stepped out, not clocked out. Now what about jay's involvement you say? Have you ever wondered if his entire argument was coached? The police officer was the only one who said jay took him to the car. But what motives would the police have to cover up tgis info? Well according to court documents, Don's full name is Don Cliendinst. This happens to be a pretty prominent name in Baltimore county, theres even a police officer named Cliendinst with a son named Donald:http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1994-03-20/news/1994079035_1_clinedinst-police-academy-oldest-rookie. In light of Ferguson and Eric Garner, we see that police officers take care of their own. So this could make sense. If someone could find something on Don's mom. If she was his step mom then it would make sense that the above article is his father.

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