Can HR disclose the nature of a medical issue if an employee takes a medical leave of absence?

Are you sure about that? "MEDICAL CERTIFICATION If the employer requests medical certification, the employee is responsible for providing a complete and sufficient certification, generally within 15 calendar days after the employer’s request. The employee is responsible for paying for the cost of the medical certification and for making sure the certification is provided to the employer. If the certification is incomplete or insufficient, the employer must give the employee a written notice stating what additional information is necessary to make the certification complete and sufficient. The employee must provide the additional information to the employer within seven calendar days, in most circumstances. • A certification is considered “incomplete” if one or more of the applicable entries on the form have not been completed. • A certification is considered “insufficient” if the information provided is vague, unclear, or nonresponsive. Content of the certification - Information on the certification may include: contact information for the health care provider; the date the serious health condition began and how long it will last; appropriate medical facts about the condition; for leave for the employee’s own serious health condition, information showing that the employee cannot perform the essential functions of the job; for leave to care for a family member, a statement of the care needed; for intermittent leave, information showing the medical necessity for intermittent or reduced schedule leave and either the dates of any planned leave or the estimated frequency and duration of expected incapacity due to the condition." DOL: WHD Fact Sheet #28G

Whomever is telling OP to omit portions of the form is allowing for the potential rejection of the leave. The risks include loss of protection of her husband's job and her husband's short term disability benefits. I too work in HR and manage leave for three different states.

OP, your husband works for a large corporation. Your HR department is likely well versed in confidentially. You'll be fine.

Best wishes during this time. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

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