Edit: Downvote me all you want.

Edit: Downvote me all you want. Anyone who downvotes me supports police brutality and obvious abuse of power.

Edit 2: Um really? So I support the original poster in their quest of outing the police and their abuse of power and I get downvoted.

Edit 3: 7 people are racist and support police brutality and abuse of power

Edit 4: I really wish the subreddit wasn’t racist and prejudice in what they support.

Edit 5: I wish those who downvoted me would have the courage to say out loud why they are downvoting me. Is it because you are scared and racist? It must be nice to have white privilege to not be scared of the police like the rest of us are.

Edit 6: Keep the downvotes coming, vicious RACISTS are always scared of the truth. I had no idea that DC was filled with all these RACISTS. All of you that downvoting also probably support cops not wearing masks

Edit 7: I keep challenging those who are downvoting me and they still aren’t coming out. I dare those racist downvoters to engage in a conversation, but they won’t because they just want to hide behind a computer screen.

Edit 8: I hope that everyone sees how racist the Washington DC subreddit really is. When I commit to the outing the police for abuse I get downvoted into oblivion, my post is getting censored by all those trying to protect and hide the wrong doing of the fascist.

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