That's just unprofessional

Sorry you're such a miserably unhappy person. Ehh, not really. It doesn't matter what you claim is invalid, you'd have to demonstrate that. And, you haven't. I've spent a fair amount of time around kids, so prove with evidence that I don't know what I'm talking about. Oh right. All you have is your inexplicable rage. I'm sure your kids will turn out fine. As for your crying jag, I see no need to address anything. You've just gone into denial and had a hissy fit for a dozen paragraphs. You haven't rebutted any claims made that indicate this was a staged video. In fact, you say you don't necessarily disagree. So, the exercise was completely pointless. You're simply a hate filled troll that needed to rage. Pretty sure I'll hear about at least one of your children on the national news, and it won't be for winning the Nobel prize. The description "troubled loner" will be used by a neighbor.

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