Harm Reduction: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Let me explain to you. That is one line in a +10 paragraph article, prefaced by this: "The paper strengthens the idea that environmental conditions early in life can persistently modify the epigenome and may influence health".

Prenatal conditions do play a role-- an incredibly minor one. Nobody ever said they cannot be excluded. But because you have an agenda to keep the people you dislike down, you played that up! Very predictable.

I'm not surprised that's all you got from the article. After all, you'll try to weasel out of every rational explanation and blame it on genetics, just like your white supremacist buddies.

So, I guess this pretty much explains it. My analysis of you is complete.

Closeted conservative, pretending to be a "moderate", "centrist" or laughably, "apolitical". And trusted sources: Fox News, OAN, The Epoch Times, Daily Wire, probably even RT since very touchy on being manipulated so of course, is being manipulated.

So really, nothing special from your garden-variety right-winger, but with an inferiority complex. Uses a lot of big words incorrectly, most likely as a way to mask immaturity and intellectual inadequacy. Probably considers oneself as a "freethinker" but naturally, uses emotions instead of logic.

This is unimpressive, but still great. Thank you for playing! From the mounds of shit comes... a shit. It's not even a special shit. It's shit pretending to be a precious metal. Pathetic.

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