I hate seeing people I went to highschool with coming into my work

I think you need to change your perspective. I turn 23 next month, have two college terms left, work in fast food and I am damn proud of myself.

You have a job. You're not a lazy do-nothing reserved to depend on other people. So you contribute to society/pay taxes and make an effort to support yourself, what more can people ask for? I understand minimum wage jobs aren't the most glamorous, but you're taking the necessary steps to move up the ladder and that gives you a free pass to have a crappy job in the meantime. If anything, most people think it's respectable that you're working while also going to school. As far as saying you're not going to get a job after college, well, probably not with that attitude.

And the four year degree plan is mostly bullshit; people move at different paces for all sorts of reasons. For example, I'm going to be taking 6 years for my bachelors because I don't have enough financial aid to cover more than 12-14 credits per term and I had a couple bad terms where I didn't pass. On the flip side, I have a friend who graduated in 3 years because they took college courses in high school and crammed 18 credits into each term. Point being you have to go at the pace that fits you and there's no shame in taking your time.

At 23, you are already more successful and at a much better advantage than most, and the best part is the opportunities ahead are endless. So what you see as failure, I see as one of my greatest accomplishments.

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