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PROPERTIES: Absorbing, reflecting, releasing inhibitions, bringing loyalty, stabilizing emotions, earth healing, making invisible

Opal is an ancient, delicate, fine vibration seductive stone associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism that releases inhibitions. It brings loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity, stimulates originality and dynamic creativity, enhances self-worth and helps you to understand your full potential and express your true self. Opal is absorbent and reflective, amplifies traits and brings characteristics to the surface for transformation picks up thoughts and feelings, amplifies them, and returns them to their origin. It intensifies, releases and stabilizes emotions but other stones may be needed to center first and to integrate. A karmic stone, it teaches emotional responsibility and that what you put out comes back and reveals past, emotional states especially in other lives.

Opal is a protective stone that can be programmed to make you unnoticeable or invisible. It sends healing to the earth’s energy field, repairing, re-energizing and stabilizing the grid. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions and encourages an interest in the arts.

METHOD OF CLEANING: Return to the Earth, Rice, Smudging, Visualizing light, Essences, Sound, Crystal Recharging

METHOD OF RECHARGING: Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth, Essences, Sound, Crystal


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