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Never P2W? Alright let's absolutely destroy your argument with a single video. Btw, your blind fanboism is what's actually hilarious..

Here's a youtube video where a Archeage KR player goes to arena with his normal armor earned through normal gameplay. After getting horribly obliterated, he then equips a set of armor bought from the cashshop marketed as "Catch-up Gear" & facerolls the opponent.

While our Archeage didn't have these sets of armor last time I played (October '14), the cashshop was heading down the exact same path. Remember when they started selling those Thunderstruck tree saplings that had a 33% chance to become thunderstruck? Yeah that was only the beginning & the exact same moment Archeage KR started down the P2W path.

I'm someone purchased the $150 Founder Pack thinking that the game was everything I had hoped for in an MMORPG & It was.. I'm someone who has been very weary of getting into any MMOs these days after being burned soo many times by other games/companies. I desperately wanted to play Archeage the moment Alpha went live, but I waited until Archeage's CBT 1 before actually trying the game myself. After CBT1 ended I immediately purchased a $150 founders pack having enjoyed every second of CBT1.

Throughout the CBT tests I watched Trion Worlds closely & made sure they knew what they were doing, they seemed like they did know what they were doing & I expected to be playing inside Archeage for several years. Archeage had what I wanted from every past MMORPG that didn't deliver like good old Runescape, it had the freedom to do whatever you wanted to progress. I've said this a million times already, but I had a friend who hit level cap without ever killing a single monster. All he did was mine ores, he hit level cap 1 day after everyone who was quest hub hopping.. If there weren't Labor Points he would've hit it before anyone else on the server.

Archeage offered a lot of things many other MMORPGs fail to recognize the importance of.. Archeage was an amazing MMORPG that would've stood out against other MMORPGS had the company behind it not dropped the ball so hard in multiple areas & then finished it off with what everyone agrees is P2W..

Honestly, If Archeage ever had a Private Server without all the TrionWorlds & XLGames P2W bullshit, I'd jump on it in a heartbeat.

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