Hey, how are you doing today?

poopy. have been drinking way too much, spending too much money on takeout, both basically daily, very avoidant of all academic responsibilities, ex keeps contacting me from jail even though there's a restraining order AND a no contact order so idek how he's doing it but I managed to ignore his calls today, struggling with self-harm and suicidality, might have to surrender my (formerly his) dog as he won't stop barking when I'm gone which might get me evicted though I live in a pet friendly building, my one friend is in a bad relationship and is taking her stress out on me and shirking any accountability in how she expresses her anger and takes it out unfairly on her friends, and yee. BUT I have a new friend on discord to speak to about my trubbs and she can do the same and we've been able to bond, and plenty else to be grateful over but I'm still just kinda poopy. hbu? <3

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