hint: the original quote was German

jbp's playbook is no different than boilerplate neoconservatism of the last 50 years: dress up psychopathy through a veneer of appeals to human nature and individualism. in this case, "a minority ruling over the majority is actually very natural and the only thing separating us from extinction!". it's said with the lack of awareness belonging only to someone in allegiance with a bunch of people fucked up off of centuries of power. as we know, he was a good little preacher's son, so his whole life he's had to attempt to convince himself and others that western civilization's atrocities are actually good things.

the only difference between jbp, and say, milton friedman, is that he came up not through inheritance but independence, by grifting vulnerable shut-ins in need of a cause with his self-help stuff, which is really just an extension of what he's really in the game for: broadcasting his fucked up world view. "society or any external causation is never to blame, the burden is on you to fix any problems!"

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