Ok Bucko

Accidental antisemitism?

Let's see:

  1. Hitler tried to eradicate the Jews.
  2. Fauci et al, try to eradicate the COVID virus.

If he equates medical experts, doctors,... with Hitler, does that also mean he equates the virus with the Jews?

Throughout history Jews were blamed for a plethora of diseases, they were said to have started the Plague, cholera, etc... all without any basis in facts. In nazi-Germany Jews were considered disease spreading vermin,... (the disease was just being a Jew).

The respective solutions:

  1. Eugenics, culminating in death camps.
  2. Taking a vaccine.

The spread of the Covid Virus will slow down faster, if everyone is vaccinated and it gives those who do catch it a fighting chance. It also alleviates the pressure on hospitals (there is other stuff to worry about than the virus itself) and medical personnel.

People who are unvaccinated, not only contribute to the spread of the Covid virus, but also risk their own lives doing it. Equating antivaxxers, who do have a choice and a way out by simply getting vaccinated with the Jews, who had no way out... is disturbing.

PS: take note that Peterson himself is vaccinated

TL,DR: I think there is something horribly wrong when you equate the medical field with Nazis, because it also implies covertly that Jewishness itself is a disease.

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