His local government said he can't install a garage door. Whatever

I'd change my career. Even imagining idea of not working bores the crap out of me but I definitely wouldn't keep doing the job I do now if I had a financial safety net (or silly lotto money or whatever) .

The whole materialism thing used to interest me, what normal kid didn't dream of having fancy things? I even chased it when I started working, at some point in the 1990s I wasted money on all sorts of possessions that didn't actually make my life better but it felt like progress as I acquired them. Since then I've worked for several very wealthy individuals and directly observed how they manage the things they own.. it's nonsense really.

I don't really buy into the extreme minimalism thing exactly, like you wouldn't see me moving into a shipping container that stinks for 45 minutes after I or my wife uses the toilet.. but here's a key difference money would buy me:

I wouldn't hang on to those extra screws which came with my IKEA chair in case I need them later.

I might even still get the IKEA chair - just wouldn't save spare parts. I'd keep some tools around the house because I'm hands-on, but I wouldn't keep a brake line flaring tool because if I wanted custom brake lines I'd have Pirtek make me some better than I could ever hope to make myself.

So in that way wealth could buy a lot less clutter if only in the form of understanding replacement parts are just a shopping trip away - this is a facet of wealth I've witnessed in a couple of my business contacts and it appeals to me in a big way.

At the opposite end of the spectrum I've witnessed moneyed men paying hundreds of thousands of dollars on storage space for mere thousands of dollars worth of clutter they'll never, ever touch again. That golf kart that looks somewhat like a Lambo, with the flat dry rotted tires and leaking batteries hasn't moved since 2001 and it's parked right in the middle of your hanger which means you haven't parked a plane in there in 15 years either... but you're heating and cooling it every year!

Anyway sorry to rant - it's exposure to money that has turned me off the material part of it. For me money would mean I can take the risk of trying new things, indulging my wife in the businesses she wants to start and indulging my own curiosity in accomplishing new things in the world as well. Property and possessions would only impede those things, not enhance them.

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