Hmm... I don't think that's how you're supposed to dispose of clinical waste! Taken from a landfill site in the North West. For reference the stuff in the yellow bags should be incinerated. And there's no incinerator on this site.

And I answered that I just don't know and can't say because they won't say. And people are accusing me of all sorts of bullshit because of it. How are my answers bizarre?

"How do you report it?" -I don't know because I didn't make the report.

"How do you know what was happening in the video/site conditions" - because I had a conversation with the person who sent it, I didn't just get a random video dropped on me without context.

Calling me out for what? If I'm lashing out, it's because people are continuing to be nasty for absolutely no reason other than my answer didn't satisfy them. It's a disproportionately nasty reaction typical of reddit tbh.

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