Holder Admits ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Was Bogus

Then shouldn't THAT have been the focus? And not constant and hysterical lies told by #blacklivesmatter from the get go?

Even if I had been inclined to get by that movement, their outright lies and shrill, hysterical insistence that Mike Brown was shot in the face while he was on his knees, hands up, praying to Jesus just completely turned me off of the whole situation. Now I just assume that any "protest" group is lying and misinformed. Even when all the forensic evidence, which has been readily available for months, showed conclusively that "hands up, don't shoot" never happened, it's still a rallying cry for low information hack-tivists.

It's like those #blacklivesmatter idiots who went around brooklyn busting into restaurants to scream at white people having brunch. They said brunch was the "defacto new racism of the white supremacists"? Like...what? Then they held up signs with the names of all the black people "murdered in cold blood by racist white cops", but if you actually googled and looked up the names on the signs they were holding...almost NONE of them had any interaction with the police, or their deaths were caused by overdoses, or being killed by their boyfriends. One "victim" was actually killed by an air traffic controller she was dating....and still they put her name on a sign.

It's not about actually making a change to the racial dynamic of America...It's about being shrill and loud and outraged to show how "topical" or "with it" you are. Fuck those people.

And look at you....The highest lawyer in the land comes out and says "yeah, this bullshit we have been spinning never happened" and your immediate response is "well...well......what about this other stuff!"

What about it? The Ferguson protesters and the #blacklivesmatter hack-tivists have been screaming ninnies for over a year on something they know didn't happen. And now I am supposed to care that the cops send idiotic racially charged emails to each other?

Normally I would care if someone in a position of power was racist....in Ferguson I don't care. All my good will and interest in the subject has been exhausted. Because those people seem like they deserve each other. Screaming Ninnies against Pocket Racists. Enjoy!

I feel sorry for the next black kid that actually DOES get shot with his hands up. Because I am automatically going to disbelieve his story. It's just human nature that when you get lied to, and the liars continue to be hysterical even when shown evidence that they are wrong, you just want to avoid getting involved with anything similar to it in the future.

Congratulations #blacklivesmatter ! You have now screwed over the next 100 actual victims of racism and police brutality. The majority of Americans are not even going to listen to their stories because you have poisoned the well. Choose a better martyr next time.

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