Homeless in America: Why are more people in West Coast cities living in tents, cars and on the street? - 60 Minutes

And in 2010, Amazon started building in SLU, kicking off our modern property boom, where low-end neighborhoods rapidly turn into high-end corporate parks and employee living areas. Employees who can pay 2x, 3x for rent than the units that were removed to make room.

Urbanists say just keep building, but we've been 10 years into this property development boom so far, with no end to rent increases in sight. I guess we just better build more, because the alternative would be to kick Amazon and their fucking techbro allies the fuck out of here and return Seattle to an affordable, diverse, all-levels-of-income viable city again, and heavens knows we can't have that. We must keep building so we can attract more top talent and global money, so we can keep praying that trickle down happens and rents magically become affordable again.

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